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AztecRPG is a Roblox game made by RedOnyx50

It is far from your typical Roblox RPG game as it had Mining, Woodcutting, Herblore and Quests.

It is still recieving updates.

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Game Updates
  • Expanded the level Cap to 145.
  • Added Guns - Matrixes and Phantasma.
  • Added the S.S. Atlantica - takes you to Krank Island and back if you are atleast level 110.
  • Added Membership Content: 3 New Membership Areas, Bloxy Cola to heal yourself, membership only Quests and Weapons.
  • Added new Enemies, Quests.
  • Squashed Bugs.
  • Quality of life changes - Running Changed to 'Q' instead of 'Shift', Fixed Shiftlock, Removed the Weather System - no more rain/snow! Redid Healing Potions, Fixed Healing Fountains, Remade the intro, New House/Tree models.
  • New NPC's with dialog - removed the old walking NPC's.
  • Rebalanced Herbs, Weapon prices.
  • Prepared Emotes for future versions (V5.3)
  • V5.01 Hotfix - Added a Portal Button so you can teleport to Aerious Town.
  • V5.1 - Halloween Event. Full page here. Axe/Pickaxe Pawn shop, decorated Aerious Town. Closed off all areas around The Fields for the duration of the Event due to an Earthquake.
  • V5.2 - Event Ended. Areas Re-opened.
  • Complete Map Revamp - Replaced or Removed loads of Areas, Enemies, Trees, Ores, Herblore Items, Weapons, changed Armor and removed the only Boss.
  • Starting town changed from Noobville to Aerious Town, set the location of the map to an Island called Aerious Island.
  • Added Skills, diffrent styles of weapons: Heavy weapons (Battleaxes, Hammers) Swords and Knives/Daggers.
  • More Quests, Admin Hosted Minigame Arena, Tutorial area where you can learn how to Fight, Mine, Chop trees, Pick up items and how to do Quests.
  • Added Membership that costs 10R$ - Exclusive quests, areas and more will come soon.
  • Additional ways to earn money - Ores, Herblore items and Logs are now Items you can sell at a Market stall in Noobville.
  • Mining - You can mine Ores with a Pickaxe and sell them.
  • Herblore - You can pickup Herblore items (Fruit, Herbs) with a bag and sell them.
  • Healing Potions - You can heal yourself buy buying a healing potion.
  • Event Ended.
  • Christmas Event - Full page here.
  • Stamina - You can now sprint! Pay attention to the Stamina bar. Use this to get away from your foe's if you are low health. To run use 'Shift'.
  • Tree Chopping - You can gain Gold and XP from chopping tree's using an Axe.
  • Released the game - Added content until level 100.
  • Had one boss fight - Level 100.
  • Pre-Classic Changelog is here.
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